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Imitating Jumping Spider Jump for Jumpin
專題名稱: Imitating Jumping Spider Jump for Jumpin
指導教師: 李經緯
學年度: 99
專題成員: 劉文豪、陳俊江、劉柏承
簡介: Jumping spiders use hydraulic drive
system differs from other animals to jump.
This allows them to move in uneven terrain.
The design of jumping robot follows the ability
of jumping spiders for inheriting the advantage
of jump form jumping spiders. Our team
designs a spherical robot with a mass of 652.7 g
and a diameter of 27 cm that is able to jump,
upright itself after landing and jump again.
With its mechanical composition it can jump as
height as 23 cm at a take-off angle of 90 degree.


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